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Reproductive Medicine & Maternal Health




CERVIDIL® (dinoprostone)
  CERVIDIL Vaginal Delivery System 10mg_Package Insert.pdf
  DECAPEPTYL® daily (triptorelin)
  DECAPEPTYL Injection 0.1mg per ml_Package Insert.pdf
  DURATOCIN® (carbetocin)
  DURATOCIN RTS Injection 100mcg per ml_Package Insert.pdf
  ENDOMETRIN® (progesterone)
  ENDOMETRIN Vaginal Tablet 100mg_Package Insert.pdf
  MENOPUR® (highly purified (HP) menotrophin)
  MENOPUR Powder and Solvent For Solution for Injection 75IU_Package Insert.pdf
  MENOPUR Multidose Powder and Solvent for Solution for Injection 600IU, 1200IU_Package Insert.pdf
  REKOVELLE® (follitropin delta)
  REKOVELLE Solution for Injection in Pre-filled Pen 12, 36 and 72mcg_Package Insert .pdf




CORTIMENT®MMX® (budesonide)
  CORTIMENT MMX Prolonged Release Tablet 9mg_Package Insert.pdf
  GLYPRESSIN® (terlipressin)
  GLYPRESSIN Solution for Injection 1mg per 8.5ml_Package Insert.pdf
  PENTASA® (mesalazine)
  PENTASA Prolonged Release Tablets 500mg and 1g_Package Insert.pdf
  PENTASA Rectal Suspension 1g_Package Insert.pdf
  PENTASA Prolonged Release Granules 2g per Sachet_Package Insert.pdf
  PENTASA Suppositories 1g_Package Insert.pdf
  PICOPREP® (sodium picosulfate, citric acid, magnesium oxide)
  PICOPREP Powder for Oral Solution_Package Insert.pdf




FIRMAGON® (degarelix)
  FIRMAGON Powder and Solvent for Solution for Injection 80 and 120mg_Package Insert.pdf
  MINIRIN® (desmopressin)
  MINIRIN Injection 4mcg per ml_Package Insert.pdf
  MINIRIN Nasal Spray 10mcg per dose_Package Insert.pdf
  MINIRIN Intranasal Solution 0.1mg per ml_Package Insert.pdf
  MINIRIN Oral Lyophilisate 60, 120 and 240mcg_Package Insert.pdf
  MINIRIN Tablet 0.1 and 0.2mg-Package Insert.pdf
  NOCDURNA® (desmopressin)
  NOCDURNA Oral Lyophilisate 25 and 50mcg_Package Insert.pdf




ZOMACTON® (somatropin)
  ZOMACTON Powder and Solvent for Solution for Injection 4mg_Package Insert.pdf


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